What is a Driving School?

Driving Schools

The Driving industry is divided between two main business types, there is the driving school and the solo driving instructor. The latter is self-explanatory, it is a driving instructor who operates on his own. The former type, the driving school, is a school of driving instructors. These instructors pool all their resources together which enables them to be more efficient in the day-to-day running of the business.

It is important to consider these two types of business when choosing a driving instructor. You might prefer a more personal approach that you might consider you would get from a solo driving instructor but that might not necessarily be the case. Driving schools can also offer that personal touch given that their instructors can allow for more of a connection with the students given that they have more time.

Driving schools don’t have to perform as many administrative tasks as solo driving instructors. Driving schools usually will employ staff who will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative tasks. These tasks will generally include promotion of the business itself for example updating the website, organising local leaflet drops and generally getting the business out there to potential customers.

They will also be responsible for bookings answering the telephone and general administrative tasks like that. They are usually the first person you will  speak to when contacting the driving school so they have to be fully customer service focused. It’s easy to see why many people prefer to use driving schools rather than individual instructors but it goes without saying not everyone has the choice.

Driving instructor training can also be a big difference between a driving school and the solo driving instructor. For example there is no legal requirement for any driving instructor to take refresher courses or any kind of training updates. Just because there is no legal requirement does not mean there is no refresher training available though.

There is regular updated training available to all instructors but generally it is only taken up by the driving schools. The reason behind the intake of courses by the schools would probably be due to availability. An instructor who has the luxury of a support team at his or her driving school will have more opportunity to receive training.

This is the main reason why we said earlier older instructors are not always the better qualified. It’s always worth bearing in mind when considering driving lessons and choosing an instructor. Usually a driving school will more likely be better equipped to give you greater choice with instructors being male or female, younger or older.

Driving schools may also be in a position to offer greater discounts or even more flexible services. Additional services can easily be provided by driving schools such as advanced driving lessons or motorway driving. As we can see just the simple fact that they have a team of support staff behind them give them a better opportunity to offer more services. By simply offering more services they can then become the most suitable choice.

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