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The Main Reason I Chose Drive Rugby School of Motoring

Customer Reviews Rugby Ed Ghann

“I chose Rugby school of motoring because of the positive customer reviews and comments on their website, and their driving lesson prices were very competitive and offered good value. I soon understood why they are the best driving school in the town I found the teaching methods to be brilliant. Russ was friendly & supportive throughout my lessons he knew how to calm me down when I was becoming nervous, his coaching methods were great, he was always calm and explained everything thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Rugby School of motoring to anyone, especially if they are nervous, because I think they are the best driving school in town.”

Customer Reviews Rugby Ed Ghann

Customer Reviews Rugby Ben Cooper

“I chose Rugby School of Motoring as I had seen their cars around the town, & they looked very professional, this was confirmed when I looked on their website & read their reviews. I found learning to drive more challenging as you have to be aware of others driving, not just your own.I found my driving instructors teaching methods to be very helpful, like explaining the results of  your actions both on the car and others, this helped me have a better understanding of the car and driving. Russ was very friendly and supportive, if I made a mistake he would explain what went wrong so I had a better chance to work out how to improve. I would definitely recommend Rugby School of Motoring in fact I have already, they are very supportive & thorough. Thanks very much Russ.”

Customer Reviews Rugby Ben Cooper


Driving School Rugby | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Male and Female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition in Warwickshire

  • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions

  • Many students search for an instructor on a near me basis but we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest

  • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack reviews?

  • Find the top tutor and good companies in the location that offer low student deals on motor car classes and provide advice for nervous learners

  • It’s often a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone and may cost more to learn in the long run

  • Private instruction is available for women with our registered lady instructor and block booking is a firm favourite.

  • We are nearby for new drivers and rated no1 by our customers which is great news

Rugby School of motoring is one of the leading driving schools within Warwickshire. We have a strong reputation mainly due to our customer service and excellent product range. Our main feature is our top rated package which enables potential customers to ‘try us and see’.

Customers can then try a lesson after which they can block book a series of no less than 10 lessons to obtain a substantial discount. This is our most popular service. Your first step in learning to drive is obviously going to be finding an instructor. This task should not be taken lightly given that the instructor is the person who is going to help you get ready for your driving test.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find an instructor for example some points might be important to you more than other people or vice versa but it’s important that you find the right instructor for you so you are completely relaxed and at ease throughout your course of lessons.

 The Driving industry is divided between two main business types, there is the driving school and the solo driving instructor. The latter is self-explanatory, it is a driving instructor who operates on his own. The former type, the driving school, is a school of driving instructors. These instructors pool all their resources together which enables them to be more efficient in the day-to-day running of the business.

It is important to consider these two types of business when choosing a driving instructor. You might prefer a more personal approach that you might consider you would get from a solo driving instructor but that might not necessarily be the case. Driving schools can also offer that personal touch given that their instructors can allow for more of a connection with the students given that they have more time.

Driving schools don’t have to perform as many administrative tasks as solo driving instructors. Driving schools usually will employ staff who will be responsible for the day-to-day administrative tasks. These tasks will generally include promotion of the business itself for example updating the website, organising local leaflet drops and generally getting the business out there to potential customers.

They will also be responsible for bookings answering the telephone and general administrative tasks like that. They are usually the first person you will  speak to when contacting the driving school so they have to be fully customer service focused. It’s easy to see why many people prefer to use driving schools rather than individual instructors but it goes without saying not everyone has the choice.

 Most people think that all driving instructors are the same and all of them will probably teach you to drive in the exact same way. This couldn’t be further than the truth because instructors are completely different despite receiving the same training when they initial passed their instructor examinations.

It’s also assumed that older drivers are more experienced even in terms of instructors. That isn’t necessarily the case with only a small percentage of driving instructors taking further development training once they have passed their instructor exams. More experienced does not necessarily mean better though.

 A recent review by an online money saving website claims just 26% of learner drivers booked their lessons with professional driving instructors for the vast majority of their driving lessons.

The main reason given in the survey by more than 2,000 recently qualified drivers was that expert driving instructors were considered to be too costly and around 46% of those same people surveyed suggested they used family or friends to help them to learn to drive.

When you take the figures that we already know from the DVSA regarding the overall test pass rate across the whole of the UK currently standing at 47.2% we can maybe not be too surprised results are so low given the results of the first survey.

It’s always better to have driving lessons with an expert teacher and afterwards supplementing with additional practice with family or friends and that is what will truly save you money & ensure you reach your target of getting ready for your test as quickly as possible.

 We have already mentioned the importance of the report card and its purpose and where it fits in to your learning to drive. It is however worth mentioning once again that this method of learning has been proven to be the best by far.

However if they don’t use report cards then how are you able to recollect where you are up to in the driving syllabus? The Report card is your record of your progress and it highlights your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving. Without it you have no recollection of how your lessons are going to date. A good and well constructed driving lesson is as follows once you’re in the car you’re driving instructor should refer you to your report card and your last driving lesson.

Your last lesson will detail where you are up to in the driving syllabus and will also have your instructors comments regarding your recent ability and performance. After this brief recap and a few words to make sure you are comfortable with your progress so far your instructor should confirm what he wants you to to to do in your current lesson. Once you are aware of what your driving instructor wants you to do you should make sure that everything is clear and you are confident that you can carry out his request.

 It’s difficult to imagine that a relative or friend could possibly teach you to drive yet many people believe their sibling or best friend can teach them to drive better than a professional instructor can.

This might sound ridiculous but this is what many people are implying by choosing a family or friend to teach them to drive. There are two main reasons why this is pretty much destined for failure from the outset.

A suitable driving location is where you begin your lessons from the outset with a driving instructor. That means somewhere where there is no other traffic so you can get to grips with the controls of a motor vehicle. A family member or friend will simply get you behind the wheel & set you on your way without a seconds thought that you are not accustomed to other traffic.

 How do we know which instructor is right for us. Unfortunately most people believe that all instructors are the same. Obviously they are not given that some have continued to further develop

their career whilst most others don’t.

What they will be aware of though is who taught their friend to drive. Word of mouth is the absolute number one way of any driving instructor getting work. Most people tell others they know who they learned to drive with & if they don’t we are always asking when it comes to taking lessons ourselves.

With the massive emphasis on Social Media these days we often find people holding conversations with friends or family on the likes of Facebook. It’s never been easier to gauge an opinion from someone else who might be better qualified if they have previously used the services in question.

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