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Sharron is our Customer Services Advisor and she will be delighted to answer your questions, listen to your requirements and check lesson availability in your particular area.

The Main reason why I Chose Rugby School of Motoring.

Customer Reviews Anna Mroziak

“I found Rugby School of Motoring website had all the information I needed including, customer reviews, after a quick call to customer services it was not long before a driving lesson was arranged for me. Some other driving schools I had tried to contact did not answer the phone. I found there was so much more to be aware of, on the roads than I had realised. I found my driving instructors coaching methods were brilliant, detailed & all the technical aspects of driving were well explained. I found Russell to be very friendly & supportive, he worked around my available times offering me lessons/test on a Saturday as I had to return to work full time. I would recommend Rugby School of Motoring to anyone they are very professional and their cars are modern & well maintained.”

Customer Reviews Anna Mroziak

The main reason why I chose Rugby School of Motoring.

Customer Reviews Rugby Patrycja Salata

“I found Rugby School of Motoring on the internet and was impressed with their good Try us & See deal, I found learning to drive a bit harder than I thought it was going to be but Russell made sure it wasn’t that scary, he was really patient friendly and helpful & answered all my questions & helped me to do everything perfectly, never leaving me in any doubt about anything. I would recommend Rugby School of Motoring they have good instructors that will help everyone pass their driving test.”

Customer Reviews Patrycja Salata      

The Main reason why I Chose Rugby School of Motoring.

Customer Reviews Rugby Ben Cooper

“I chose Rugby School of Motoring as I had seen their cars around the town, & they looked very professional, this was confirmed when I looked on their website & read their reviews. I found learning to drive more challenging as you have to be aware of others driving, not just your own.I found my driving instructors teaching methods to be very helpful, like explaining the results of  your actions both on the car and others, this helped me have a better understanding of the car and driving. Russ was very friendly and supportive, if I made a mistake he would explain what went wrong so I had a better chance to work out how to improve. I would definitely recommend Rugby School of Motoring in fact I have already, they are very supportive & thorough. Thanks very much Russ.”

Customer Reviews Ben Cooper

Rugby School of motoring is one of the leading driving schools within Warwickshire. We have a strong reputation mainly due to our customer service and excellent product range. Our main feature is our top rated package which enables potential customers to ‘try us and see’.

Customers can then try a lesson after which they can block book a series of no less than 10 lessons to obtain a substantial discount. This is our most popular service. Your first step in learning to drive is obviously going to be finding an instructor. This task should not be taken lightly given that the instructor is the person who is going to help you get ready for your driving test.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find an instructor for example some points might be important to you more than other people or vice versa but it’s important that you find the right instructor for you so you are completely relaxed and at ease throughout your course of lessons.

What is the right instructor for you? Well there is no definitive answer to that question simply because we all have different requirements for example somebody who is a female might be a little shy or a little quiet and feel more comfortable learning to drive with a female instructor. Where somebody more confident might not worry about whether it is male or female.

Similarly, somebody might be more concerned about location rather than anything else. Some people may prefer an older instructor rather than a younger one as they may feel an older instructor is better qualified. However we will demonstrate later on this site that it isn’t always the case. However there are many different reasons why people have a variety of different preferences. The main thing is to choose the right instructor that makes you comfortable during your lessons.

How do we go about choosing the right instructor, where do we get the right information from? One of the most popular ways of choosing is through word of mouth. For example you might have an auntie who has just learnt to drive or another family member or friend. They may refer you to their driving instructor. You might consider asking someone you know for feedback if they don’t mention it to you.

Obviously it doesn’t mean their instructor is the right instructor for you but it’s a place for you to start looking. Other methods include instructors online websites which generally feature a review section where people have left their feedback from their own experiences. Again, just another place to start looking and getting a picture of who you will be dealing with.

It is also worth speaking to the instructor as well to gauge whether you will actually get on. There’s not a lot of point in choosing a driving instructor you’re not going to get on with and someone who who will not put you at ease. If you feel uncomfortable then that instructor is probably not right for you. You need to ensure that you are completely at ease and comfortable so that nothing can take the focus away from learning to drive.

Other things to consider when learning to drive are tutoring methods. Not all driving instructors use the same methods to teach their pupils to drive. Particularly older instructors will have one method and younger drivers will have another given that instructor training methods change over time. More on this later.


Russ Allan, School Owner.