The Brand New Citroen C3 Automatic

Learn in an Automatic

No Gears – No Clutch – No Stalling

No Stress


Here at Rugby School of Motoring we have offered auto driving lessons for many years, but always in the pupils own vehicle, the reason for this was that demand was always very low for auto training, but in the last few years we have noticed an upward trend in people wanting only to drive an automatic.
This makes a lot of sense as the way vehicle technology is advancing there are more and more cars developed with only auto gearboxes, mainly down to the need to prevent energy waste, we find hybrid (petrol/electric & electric only) cars are becoming a big part of the vehicles produced now, and they can only operate with an automatic gearbox, it certainly is the way all cars will be in the fairly near future.
We therefore feel due to the increasing demand from our customers, we wish to offer the same high standard of tuition as always, but in our own automatic vehicle. We will of course still be happy to offer lessons in a pupils own vehicle if they so wish but will be delighted to offer auto lessons in our vehicle for those who would prefer that option.

Learn in an Automatic (available in the Rugby & Daventry areas)

  • Learn in the Skoda Octavia Auto, which is widely acclaimed as the EASIEST car to drive in the UK right now and is set to transform the driving school industry.
  • More and more learners are now turning to automatics to gain their driving licence. Auto’s are now more economical than their manual counterparts and I confidently predict an increase of at least 30% over the next few years.
  • Some of the hardest and challenging aspects of driving are mastering the clutch and gears, so learn in a car that has neither
  • No stalling with an Automatic
  • No tricky hill starts in an Automatic
  • Press the gas to go – press the brake to stop – Steer in the direction you wish to go

“I decided to learn to drive with Rugby School of Motoring because of the good reviews I had read on the website.

I found learning to drive took me longer than I had expected, but I think that’s because I had no previous driving experience. I found my driving instructors teaching methods excellent, as each skill or manoeuvre was clearly explained with steps & tips on how to complete them successfully. My instructor Russell was both approachable & friendly and was patient throughout my time learning to drive.

I would definitely recommend Rugby School of Motoring as I think the methods of teaching really helped me to pass my driving test and Russell was calm and supportive which helped to grow my driving confidence.”

Amy Aust, Rugby

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Customer services

Sharron will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability for lessons in Rugby & Daventry.

Customer Services are open Monday – Friday 08.30 – 19.00 & Saturday 09.00 – 17.30.

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Automatic Driving Lessons

Rugby School of Motoring offer Automatic Driving Lessons and have built a reputation of being the premier driving school in the local area.

Our local automatic driving instructor has a wealth of experience, he is fully qualified and has been CRB checked for your safety. The driving tuition we offer is client centred, that means we don’t simply tell you what you are going to do but discuss with you a plan of action that you are comfortable with. A good example of this would be: We might suggest that it’s time to tackle the subject of roundabouts but you may not feel ready and prefer to tackle an alternative subject first, so that’s what we would do.

One of our biggest challenges when attracting new students that are learning to drive is that many believe that all driving instructors are the same and I can assure you this is definitely not the case. Why do driving lesson prices vary so much when you can pay as low as £9.99 right up to £40 plus?

There are different grades and standards of driving instructors, some instructors take no further development training from the day they qualify where others are continually taking courses and training to keep at the forefront of modern teaching and coaching.

Does this matter to you? YES, because it will reflect on the value you receive from your Driving lessons. The popular and very true saying is: “Beware the hidden cost of cheap”. A well trained instructor offering Automatic driving lessons will enable you to learn much faster and not only get you to your practical driving test much sooner but save you a fortune on the way.

Driving Schools that charge a realistic lesson rate are very confident in the quality of customer service and tuition they provide, where an individual instructors working on his/her own may charge a very low lesson rate because they lack recent training and confidence in the service they offer. The question to ask, is why would any driving instructor undersell themselves and offer the cheapest driving lessons in town ?

I mentioned above that Rugby School of Motoring have been able to build a very reputable reputation for Automatic driving lessons by providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. We rely enormously on recommendations to keep our Automatic instructor busy and are extremely grateful to our customers for the reviews they provide. Talk is cheap and we now live in a customer review society where it is so easy to gain an independent view of a Driving School before deciding who to trust with your tuition.

I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your driving licence whether you choose us as your training provider or one of our competitors.

Warm Regards.

Russ Allan, Rugby School of Motoring Owner