Most people are unable to distinguish between good and poor instructors.

We have already mentioned the importance of the report card and its purpose and where it fits in to your learning to drive. It is however worth mentioning once again that this method of learning has been proven to be the best by far.

However if they don’t use report cards then how are you able to recollect where you are up to in the driving syllabus? The Report card is your record of your progress and it highlights your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to driving. Without it you have no recollection of how your lessons are going to date. A good and well constructed driving lesson is as follows once you’re in the car you’re driving instructor should refer you to your report card and your last driving lesson.

Your last lesson will detail where you are up to in the driving syllabus and will also have your instructors comments regarding your recent ability and performance. After this brief recap and a few words to make sure you are comfortable with your progress so far your instructor should confirm what he wants you to to to do in your current lesson. Once you are aware of what your driving instructor wants you to do you should make sure that everything is clear and you are confident that you can carry out his request.

Should you require assistance with any procedure at this point you should notify your instructor Once you both are aware of your responsibilities for the current lesson you should then begin to carry out the appropriate manoeuvre of the motor vehicle. Do not try to carry out any manoeuvre if you are unclear of the instructions always ensure that you are fully aware of what is being asked of you and if not request assistance from your instructor.

Once you have carried out your instructions and once you have completed the test or lesson your instructor should ask you to park the vehicle on the side of the road. At which point you should have another brief recap of how the current lesson has gone. As you can see by having a small recap of the start of each lesson regarding what you previously learnt and then having another one at the end of each lesson to record how you have gone on in that lesson,  you are then made aware of your progress at all times.

Not only does this make you aware of your progress it also gives you the opportunity to speak to your instructor and highlight any areas you might find that you are struggling. It also gives your instructor the opportunity to highlight the areas where you need extra practice. This is the ideal structure for a driving lesson report card should outline the entire driving syllabus and where you are up to in that syllabus. The instructor’s remarks on the report card are there to help you and assist you as you progress through the syllabus.

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