Congratulations to Valentina Zaharia from Rugby who passed her driving test 1st time at the Rugby driving test centre, on Wednesday the 13th of April.

Valentina was driving in our automatic car, she said she was absolutely thrilled and surprised at her 1st time pass, and she could hardly believe she had done it.

Her examiner said she had a very good drive, and it was progressive and flowing, Valentina has three children and will now be looking to buy a car so she can get out and about easily.

She is also taking some city and motorway lessons so she can improve her ability and confidence still further. Val has been a dedicated student always asking questions which is what we really like.

Well done again Valentina on your excellent 1st time pass.

Best wishes from your instructor Russell and all at Rugby School of Motoring.

Money Back Guarantee Rugby School of Motoring

Money Back Guarantee Rugby School of Motoring